Full Name:

Thiago Denti Leiras


Black Belt, First Degree

Black Belt, First Degree

Main Achievements/Successes:

  • Flávio Aleluia Tournament Champion (purple belt)
  • Copa Cyclone Champion (blue belt)
  • Copa Gavazza Champion (blue belt)
  • Copa Subúrbios Figth Champion (blue belt)
  • 2nd Place at the Rio de Janeiro State Championship (purple belt)
  • Rio Open Bronze Medallist (2010 brown)
  • Copa América Bronze Medallist (brown)

Favorite Position/Technique:

Spider & De La Riva Guard


Thiago Leiras was born on the 17th of April, 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He started martial arts through Judo, but he did not truly agree with Judo’s rules, making the fight based solely on the stand-up aspect of grappling, and so, when Leiras found Jiu Jitsu, he immediately felt this was the sport he should be doing. Thiago was 17 years old when he entered Master Flavio Aleluia’s academy, and he never changed camps, going from while belt all the way to black belt (on march 2011)