Full Name:

Carlos Regelado


Purple Belt

Purple Belt


Junior, Junito

Main Achievements/Successes:

Purple Belt-

  • 2015 IBJJF Chicago Open
    • 2nd Place- Gi Division
    • 2nd Place- No Gi Division
  • 2015 IBJJF Houston Open
    • 2nd Place- Gi Division
  • 2015 IBJJF Boca Raton Open
    • 3rd Place- Gi Division
  • 2014 IBJJF Chicago Open
    • 2nd Place- Gi Division
    • 3rd Place- No Gi Division
  • 2014 IBJJF Houston Open
    • 3rd Place- Gi Division

Favorite Position/Technique:

Spider and Closed Guard

Most memorable fight:

At blue belt, I was in the finals against a really challenging opponent. All of the matches leading up to the final I had won by submission so I was feeling pretty confident. At the beginning of the match I was caught in a triangle almost immediately. I stood up and lifted him off the mat, eventually freeing my head and escaping. After that it was a scramble trying to pass his guard for awhile- I was lucky enough to pass long enough to score the points but then was caught in another triangle choke. I escaped once again and the intensity just stayed up the entire time. We were the last match of the day so everyone remaining was watching and cheering for us and we were both giving it everything we had. Eventually my opponent swept me and almost mounted, but I was able to recompose at the last moment and use my wrestling instincts to scramble out, take him down, and finish the match with an ezekiel choke in the final minute.



Jiu-Jitsu saved my life. Growing up in a rough neighborhood there weren't a lot of expectations set for me to succeed. I was picked on a lot as a child and started wrestling at an early age as a way to learn to defend myself. As a wrestler I experienced a lot of success but did not find the inspiration to compete at the next level. After completing High School at Brother Rice I was at a cross-roads in my life where I could have gone down the wrong path or find something positive to focus my energy into- thankfully this was the time I met my Professors, Andre Terencio and Hannette Staack. They welcomed me into their school with a warmth and level of care that I hadn't found before and the family atmosphere has turned into exactly that- my extended family.